Opere 2011/2012

art direction, editorial

Opere 2011/2012

Opere is a three-monthly Tuscan architecture magazine. The its monographic issues deals with themes about the relationship with the city, architecture and territory. Our region is our most important source of inspiration. So art directing this magazine was a great research opportunities. Florence itself we feel to be confining, and yet it’s a constraint that provokes one into transgression. The local culture creaks with rigid, ossified forms, visual clichés and cultural straitjackets. We aim to be radicals – rejecting all that conformism and asserting our alternative perspective on regional culture. Often the city identity will swallow up and distort the actual reality. 

OPERE 30 — 
Città clandestina

Gloria Pizzilli


OPERE 29 — 
Infrastruttura cultura

Johnatan Calugi


OPERE 28 — 
Architettura, Città, Religioni

Cover: Giorgio Fratini


OPERE 27 — 
Volume zero, zero volume

Cover: D’Apostrophe


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