Premio Architettura Toscana

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Premio Architettura Toscana

PAT (Premio Architettura Toscana) is a competition about contemporary architecture in Tuscany. 
Held by the region, we had the pleasure to design the first edition visual identity. 


Starting from the basic shapes, we designed a series of letters inspired by architecture: 
— historical elements taken typical of Tuscany
— contemporary elements from new buildings on the territory
— universal elements taken from the architecture technical language.

Letter «P»

Inspired, among others, from: Leon Battista Alberti panels (Florence),  Centro Pecci (Prato) and Giardino dei Tarocchi (Capalbio)

Letter «A»

Inspired, among others, from: Leon Battista Alberti panels (Florence), San Girolamo and San Pietro church (Pistoia), Santa Maria Immacolata church (Longarone)

Letter «T»

Inspired, among others from: Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera (Florence),  Country House (Lucca), Casa CEI (Empoli)



Articles, contributes and awarded architectures organized by category:
— Opera prima (First work)
— Allestimento e interni (Interior)
— Nuova Costruzione (New building)
— Restauro e recupero (Restoration and recovery)
— Spazi pubblici, paesaggio e rigenerazione (Public spaces and landscapes)


Concrete awards and plates given to the competition winners.


at Palazzina del Reale, 
06 — 23 July 2017



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