Poltronova Superonda Special

art direction, exhibit

Poltronova Superonda Special

Limited edition by Archizoom

Fifty years ago, Archizoom Associati created Superonda, one of the very first sofa designed with no inner structure. It was a simple gesture that challenged the bourgeois living habits, a timeless symbol of a new, freer lifestyle. Poltronova pays tribute to Superonda —an anti-design iconic piece of furniture that fully preserves its outrageously playful nature— by calling on all members of the Radical team to design a new, celebrative outfit for the event Poltronova Superonda Special.


Original drawing by Archizoom Associati, 1970’s

Pois by Cristina Morozzi per Massimo Morozzi

Spots by Paolo Deganello

Stripes by Andrea Branzi

No—stop by Gilberto Corretti

Dressing by Dario Bartolini per Lucia Bartolini

Babele decoded by Dario Bartolini

Archizoom Associati at Villa Strozzi Garden in Florence, 1970’s

Archizoom Associati’s sons at  the Triennale Garden in Milan, 2018



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