Reale cantina borbonica

art direction, brand identity, competition

Reale cantina borbonica

Winner project of the national ideas contest for the graphic, brand and logo design of the Museum of historical, cultural and agricultural traditions with “Reale Cantina Borbonica.”

The suggested brand summarizes three elements of the project for Reale Cantina Borbonica:
1 . The function of the architectonic complex: the mark is composed by letter M which is related to the world MUSEO;

2 . The Sicilian decorative tradition: the typographic mark is composed by elements of inspiration to the decorative applications on the Sicilian carts;
3 . The history and identity of the architectonic complex: the mark intentionally remind the royal crown shapes, and is a clear reference to the basement’s bourbon identity.

The project is one of the 125 selected works in the big collective exhibition of italian Graphic “Spaghetti grafica 2” presented by “Ministero della Grafica” and “Triennale Design Museum”. designer: Donatello D’Angelo promoter: Municipality of Partinico / Province of Palermo / Public works Department sponsorship: Aiap



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