Wine Mithology Label

competition, packaging

Wine Mithology Label

Wine label designed in the context of “Wine Mitology Label” competition. 

The brief requested a label for Amarone wine. The concept needed to have a link with the Ulysses myth.
Our label is inspired by Ulysses round-trip started from Ithaca.

The artwork has been awarded with an Honorable Mention.


0. Ithaca
1. Troy
2. Cicones
3. Lotus Eaters
4. Cyclops
5. Island of Aeolia
6. Laestrygonians
7. Circe
8. Teiresias
9. Circe
10. Sirens
11. Charybdis
12. Scylla
13. Thrinakia
14. Calypso
15. Phaeacia
16. Ithaca




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