Domus 1020

editorial, illustration

Radical Utopias.
Beyond Architecture: Florence 1966— 1976 

We designed a spread for the occasion of the exhibition about Radical Design at Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence. We rode the Radical Florentine wave with a colorful page to evoke the exhibition and the esprit of that historical period, crucial to Italian design. We framed the objects and their message in the “rooms” grid of the museum.

Magazine: Domus 1020
Directed by: Michele de Lucchi



Green jersey suite with chairs by Archizoom Associati

Farfalla by Archizoom Associati
Rumble sofa by Gianni Pettena
Borsa by Remo Buti
Dollaro by UFO

Applausi by Gianni Pettena

Bazaar by Superstudio

Safari by Archizoom Associati
Ultrafragola by Ettore Sottsass jr
Naufragio di rose by Archizoom Associati

Calze pelose by Archizoom Associati

Cupola (s)gonfiabile by UFO

Piatti Radicali by Remo Buti

Sanremo by Archizoom Associati
Passiflora by Archizoom Associati
Superonda by Archizoom Associati

Aurora e Boreale by Cristiano Toraldo di Francia



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